women are afraid, all the time

I am a woman, i am aware of that, but I am not at same time. It is something natural, i literally have been like this since birth.

As a young girl i have been taught a lol of things, repeatedly.

Over and over and over.

And if you are a woman you probably had been taught the same things of similar.

To be afraid.

“Don’t wear that skirt it is to short”

“you don’t imagine what it is in a boy’s/man’s head when they see some flesh”

“seat with your legs crossed”

“Don’t go out late”

“don’t go out at night”

“Don’t go out at night”

“be careful with man”

“don’t be alone with a boy (they are dangerous)”

this ecoes in our heads.

I feel afraid, of the dark, of the dark street, of the dark and quiet street at night.

I feel afraid if a man passes by me and it is night and i am alone or just with one friend

I feel afraid if a man passes by me and it is night

My whole body gets tense and my breading gets short and fast, my heart speeds up, and I try to look calm and fearless.

This happens to me all the time i see a man in the same street as me and I am alone, specially if it is night.

No man have hurt me in my life, yet, I am afraid.

I didn’t have this thought until the day i heard this question:

“What would you do if there was no man in the world?”

and the answer surprised me:

”I wouldn’t be afraid of going out at night”.

I stopped and thought about it, and she was right, if there wasn’t man, i wouldn’t be afraid of getting out at night. Have you thought about it?

What makes you to be afraid to get out alone at night?



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Eliana vasconcelos

Eliana vasconcelos

I’m a designer, Human rights advoc. who thinks a LOT all time. I write about what’s in my mind in my blog, diariodeumamenteirrequieta.blogspot.com (Portuguese).