I didn’t have the courage to post on LinkedIn.

Eliana vasconcelos
3 min readAug 13, 2021


Illustration by me

Neurodiversity at Work as an employee.

(was the inicial title, to post in Linked In.)

so today i wrote this:

I have a neurodivergent condition called ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Some of you may have heard about it others maybe not. I didn’t know i had it for so long, but it shaped me and my life, it is part of my personality and influences me and my behaviour in all spectrums of my life, including work.

Because of it i need to be extra focuses on my work, when i am interrupted it may cause i make a mistake, i can forget where i was or what i was doing, and this is “normal” to me. Being easily distracted is part of having ADHD and is part of who i am, and trust me when i tell you i’ve tried to change and i know i am “better” but i will never be like the “normal” people and i need to accept that or i am doomed to feel very frustrated for ever.

Because of it, i lose interest of my work if it is super boring, or if i don’t have tasks to do, and even if i do, i need regular breaks to look around, to scroll on pinterest, or grab a coffee, to stay focused. I know what this looks like to a “normal” person. I used to think i was a lazy and disorganized person. But I am not, If i am focused in a task, even if is repetitive and boring to some people, i may find it amusing and just could do it for hours and even forget to eat or go to the restroom. When i am committed to organize things, my spot will look like spotless cleaned and tidy, did i say i love tetris? that’s what i am thinking where i am cleaning my desk or doing my graphic design with a perfect grid. But sometimes i have to many ideas in my head so it all became a bit messy, it is hard to choose. I may need to clear my head for a bit, to talk with another designer, or change the task and come back later to it and look at it with new eyes.

I have the need to be honest and clear but sometimes it is hard, specially in an interview when you were supposed to say only the best things you have to offer to the company, I wanted to be able to say that i have ADHD, but everyone says i shouldn’t, it would ruin my options, but maybe my employer would understand me better, when i am frustrated or lost at my job on a day, after being hours trying to decide which color should i choose, or what illustration should i make, booth of the options looks so nice.

This is not something an employer would want to hear in a job interview, but it is honest, and not the usual: “i am stubborn”, or other stupid thing we thing it will look well and made us to get the job we want.

I want to be honest because, at the end of the day, i will love what i do, i will do a great job and will fell good about it and about being honest.

How about you, what do you thing?

As an employee, were you honest in your jobs interviews?

As an employer would you hire someone that told you the truth about theirs real weaknesses?.

I am still thinking about posting it. i appreciate real and honest people, i hope I am not the only one in the business world.



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